Quite possibly the ultimate wardrobe classic, here’s how the little black dress became everyone’s favourite frock…


Every woman should own a little black dress. Fact.

We’re yet to find a piece of clothing that’s as enduring, iconic and has been worn by pretty much every stylish woman ever. So, how did the little black dress – aka the LBD – go from wardrobe basic to cult-status wardrobe staple?


Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel debuted her little black dress in 1926. Chanel’s design – minimalistic, high-neck, knee-length, figure-hugging and long-sleeved – was ahead of its time, and proved to be her greatest contribution to fashion. In fact, it was Coco herself who coined the phrase ‘little black dress’. The LBD quickly became a regular feature in women’s wardrobes over the next few decades, worn by everyday women as well as glamorous icons like French singer Edith Piaf.


1961 cemented the little black dress as a bona fide cult item after Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly wore one in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Hepburn’s dress was designed by her long-time friend, designer Hubert de Givenchy, and sold at auction for almost one million dollars in 2006. The dress wasn’t actually that little – in fact it was floor length – and over time, ‘LBD’ applied to black dresses of any length, style and material. Basically, if it’s black and a dress, it’s a LBD.


Aside from Audrey’s, one of the most iconic LBD’s has to be the safety-pinned Versace style Elizabeth Hurley wore to the Four Weddings and A Funeral premiere in 1994. The plunging design catapulted Hurley into the spotlight and is still one of Versace’s most famous designs. “That dress was a favour from Versace because I couldn’t afford to buy one’, said Hurley. “They told me they didn’t have any evening wear, but there was one item left in their press office. So I tried it on and that was it.” We bet she’s never looked back. Victoria Beckham is another LBD devotee. Rarely seen out of a ‘little Gucci dress’ during the Spice Girls heyday, VB is still partial to a classic black frock, but these days, she designs her own.



There’s not a celebrity we can think of who hasn’t rocked a LBD on the red carpet at least once – it’s rarer for Jennifer Aniston not to wear one – and us mere mortals rely on them day and night. The epitome of buy now, wear forever, no wardrobe is complete without one, which is why we’ve created two that will take you from day to night.



Eyelet details, leather look panels and zip fastenings – our LBD’s are anything but simple. With flattering A-line hems and two different sleeve lengths, you can rely on our effortlessly statement dresses for any occasion, from work to weekend to dinner with friends.