From the most flattering necklines to the best dresses for big boobs, we’ve got the lowdown on how to dress for a big bust.

How To Dress For A Big Bust Salma Hayek, Kelly Brook and Ashley Graham know how to dress for a big bust.

Blessed in the boob department? Chances are you’ll be aware of what to avoid and what to make a beeline for when it comes to your wardrobe, but sometimes, knowing how to dress a big bust can be a minefield. We all know the struggle of the double boob effect and gaping shirts (or peek-a-boob as we like to call it) However, we firmly believe that having a big bust shouldn’t compromise confidence or style. Instead of trying to cover them up, we’re showing you how to accentuate your assets with for the best clothing for a big bust…


Neckline Know-How

Employ the “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” motto and opt for V-necks – they’re more effective at creating the illusion of a smaller bust by creating a longer line down the front of the body. High and turtle necks should be approached with caution as they cover a vast area and leave little skin on show to draw the eye away from the chest area, but they’re not totally off the menu. Go for sleeveless or short sleeved styles to counterbalance the high neckline and avoid the dreaded ‘shelf effect’.


Kelly Brook Kelly Brook in our Blue Meadow Print Dip Hem Dress- the deep V-neck makes it perfect for bigger busts.


Crew necks are a great – and flattering - happy medium. Again, short sleeves and shorter hemlines (a covered up top half means you can get away with pins on show) work well with the higher neck – see Kelly Brook’s chic red dress for proof. Steer clear of too much detail - frills and ruffles - because they can make the bust look even bigger. It’s better to stick with simple colour combinations and clean lines.

How to dress for a big bust Salma Hayek and Chelsea Handler flatter big busts with shirtdresses and open neck shirts.


Dresses vs Seperates

It’s an ongoing debate, and you’ll know which you prefer. One case to be made for separates is that having a larger bust often means you are different sizes on top and bottom, which can make finding the perfect dress difficult. A nifty trick is to create the illusion of a dress with co-ordinated block colour tops and bottoms. When choosing tops for a big bust, classic shirts are a great option, but make sure they’re sufficiently long as having a big bust can shorten the length, and undo the buttons.


Our printed shirt dresses, £79, are super flattering for bigger boobs. Our printed shirt dresses, £79, are super flattering for bigger boobs.


When it comes to dresses for big busts, think wrap, fit & flare and shirt styles. A go-to for Salma Hayek (along with tea dresses) the shirtdress will nip you in at the waist before flaring out to balance out your bust, but unbuttoning it as low as you can go is a must. Another nifty trick is to follow Ashley Graham’s lead and break up dresses with a statement belt. Just remember, it’s important to highlight your waist, more so if you are petite. Wearing baggy style tops and dresses that ‘hang’ from your boobs can make you look like you have a much larger stomach than you actually do.


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How to dress for a big bust A biker jacket is a must-have for bigger busts - just ask Kate Upton. Leather Biker Jacket, £249.


Biker style jackets are brilliant for big busts because the lapel design ensures the jacket actually lies over your boobs when open instead of just falling off to either side. This cleverly makes your chest area appear smaller. And don’t worry about being able to zip it up - we guarantee you’ll rarely want to wear it that way. When it comes to other jacket styles for big boobs, remember one thing: single breasted is your friend.



Colour & Print

Prints are by no means a no-go. Opt for smaller, ditsy style patterns or, if you want to go bold, a darker background will stop you looking heavier up top. It’s a hack often used by busty women like Christina Hendricks and Denise Van Outen. The strategic placement formula works here too – if you want to distract from your chest, wear them on the bottom, if you want to flaunt your bust, vice versa. Colour blocking is a clever way to balance out proportions.