What YOU Say About Sosandar

“Just received my first Sosandar purchases. Fantastic-so happy. And as well as the clothes being exactly as I hoped, the branding and packaging really make it a great shopping experience.  So much attention to detail. ” 


“A brilliant collection of Sosandar goodies have just come through the door.  Great fit, quality,style,service and delivery.”


“I have bought 4 things already! They are all fabulous!!”




“You have no idea how many shirts I have tried to buy and so few actually fit well. This was just perfect. First time” 


“I can honestly say the dress is divine, it felt so lovely” 


“Wore my bronze trousers today and caused a stir in the hair dressers and school open day.  Never have my legs been stroked so many times!”




 “I wore my dress for the first time on Saturday and it was beautiful! Fit is amazing, so flattering!” 


I just wanted to say I love the range, and it will not be too long before I fill my basket again"






“Absolutely loving my new Sosandar arrivals. Highly recommended!”